UK Employer of Record / PEO

Employer of Record Services (EOR) / Professional Employer Outsourcing (PEO)

By partnering with Great Border’s, through our EOR services your business can tap into the UK markets with or without establishing your UK entity. Our EOR solutions enables overseas companies to hire local UK employees or employees anywhere in the world to work for you in the UK. Great Borders will be the legal Employer of Record in the UK for your employees. We take care of all employment compliances including processing their payroll and other benefits administration at a fixed flat fee. So that you can focus on running your core business activities.Through our EOR services you can save thousands of pounds in expansion costs and can recruit local employees in days and not months.


Start operating in the UK with or without setting up an entity. Save over 50% of the cost and time


Hire and onboard local employees in days not months. We also provide visa sponsorship services for your specialist international recruits.


Our experts manage all your UK HR compliances, payroll, employee benefits etc.


You have a day-to-day control of your employees reporting directly to you and we provide continued compliance support.